Alison And Adam, Let Their Unfortunate Deaths Be An Eye Opener

‘Father of slain reporter vows to be ‘absolutely relentless’ in push for gun control’


The CP24 Report on the tragic and pointless murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward is a prime example of why there need to be stricter Gun Control Laws in the United States. I myself am Canadian, so those who own guns here are few and far between compared to the U.S. So when I hear of a sensless shooting like this take place, it makes me wonder what the hell is going on in our society that causes these kinds of situations?

Regardless of the stresser that pushed the gunman over the edge, why are so many unstable people allowed to walk around freely baring arms? If I were to walk into an American Walmart, and see some person standing in line in front of me with a huge rifle, I’d assume we’re getting robbed. But that’s me, I’m not used to being around weapons openly in public without it being on the 5:00 news. It scares me knowing people have become so desensitized to things like openly bearing arms, sensless murders, gang attacks, bombings, and threats. Not saying I’m a pussy, because you bet your ass if Martial Law was called into effect I’d protect my own. But this is everyday life.

I hope Mr. Parker does follow through with finding a way to make Gun Laws more strict in the United States. I would hope those who have registered licenses, and those who would want to get one, would get a psychological evaluation done before being allowed to even apply to get said license. But, I guess money talks louder than the safety of our streets.