Today on WTF News..

A little girl was sent home today for having a Wonder Woman Lunchbox. Apparently it ‘Violates the Dresscode’ of the school..



Excuse me?! Oh yes, Wonder Woman is SO violent with her Lasso of Truth and her Indestructible Bracelets.. Oh but you must be referring to her Magical Sword, which she only ever uses on enemies of PURE EVIL to release them from their demons trapped inside.

Children don’t think about that shit! They think ‘Hey, Cool Wonder Woman Lunchbox Becky’ and are through with it! Do you honestly think they would look at this lunch box, go home to their parents and complain that it scared them and made them feel threatened? As if!

Y’all are what’s wrong with the world. Stop having kids, please.

How do you feel about this? Let me know below! đź‘Ť