My Top 4 Video Games

So I -used to be- a very avid gamer; I mostly played RPG’s (Role Playing Games) like The Sims and FPS’s (First Person Shooters) like Call Of Duty. I spent a decent amount of time playing World of Warcraft and Diablo as well, and have dabbled in America’s Army and Counter Strike as well (ahh, the newbie days). However, just because I favor one or two genres of games doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate others. In any case, here are my Top 4 Video Games.


Dragon Age: Inquisition


This RPG is very intricate as there are many more classes you can play as compared to other RPG’s. With 3 different classes for Sword and Shield, Magic/Ranged Characters, and Duel Wielders, there’s a little something for every gamer in Dragon Age. Playing either Solo to Multilayer Mode, this game is a must have for RPG fans.

Grand Theft Auto


I’m a huge fan of all the GTA games. Rockstar has definitely listened to their customers when given feedback because with each new title it just gets better and better (if you’re into games about rival gangs, selling drugs and pulling off bank heists). Definitely something I can lose myself in for hours at a time.

Diablo 3


I chose to narrow my love for Diablo down to their most recent version because well, the graphics and User Interface are better, plus now you can play on any Xbox 360 Xbox One and not just a computer and that makes me super happy as well. Now they have an exclusive offer available that allows you to play AS Diablo himself, and if I hadn’t had traded in my Xbox 360 for an Xbox One recently, and still had the game.. I’d be all over that. 😉

Alice: Madness Returns


If you’re a fan of Alice In Wonderland, regardless that this is an RPG based on a Darker version of Alice, it’s still a great game for Wonderland fans. You go through and beat enemies while trying to piece back together the Mad Hatter, and attempt to reach the Red Queen’s castle before completely losing your mind. Capture Pig Snouts for free Health and EXP, and recover your memories to remind yourself of the real Alice.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite video games are! If you run the same games as me, maybe we can be friends?
😉 🎮 💕