Better Late Than Never!

So I’ve taken a long time between posts and mainly it’s because I’ve been observing. Observing our nation divide itself over lies and propaganda being spread throughout the Electoral Campaigns. Observing people in my city ignore everything that’s outside their little ‘bubble’. Observing loved ones change and become people I never thought they could become; both positive and negative. And observing myself coming to the realisation that things don’t have to be this way.

It seems like our society enjoys playing ‘dumb’ when it comes to important issues that in their eyes, don’t directly effect us as a nation; as a whole. Take the Canadian Government Electoral Campaigns that are going on currently. To me, it seems as though each Party is more interested in insulting their opposing Parties, than speaking about the important issues that effect everyone. Say, Minimum Wage and Benefits? Healthcare for all, including those who identify as LGBT. Or how we can help reconcile issues carrying on abroad, like the never-ending wars that take place in the Middle East and Africa. Recycling and becoming more Green and Energy Efficient, thus saving the Planet, allowing future generations to actually be able to enjoy their time here. However, at the same time, it is up to us as the ‘Public’, the ones that have to live in this Economy, these Neighbourhoods and this Country, to open our eyes and ears and observe what is going on around us and not only understand, but help by any means possible. You are only as strong as your weakest link, and if your weak link isn’t helping, then find a way to build it, motivate it, and make it stronger. Like our neighbourhood, we should observe whats going on, see where we need to improve and understand how it can be done to benefit everyone, build it up, spread the word, and repeat.

Healthcare in Canada has gone downhill in regards to expectant wait times in hospitals increasing, medicine not being readily available for those who need it, and human rights being denied because of someones certain religious or political ideals. I’m tired of it. We are all justified in receiving proper health care because we are Canadians. I don’t care if you pray to a white dude on a cross, or an elephant with 9 arms. You still deserve to be healthy and happy in your body.

Being more ‘Green’ is just obvious. We’re killing our planet. We have drained over half of the Earth’s oil already, and only started using it 4000 years ago. (Do your homework). Plastic bags and food containers being improperly disposed are killing animals and wiping out species. It’s heart breaking. I told my mother when I was young, “If everyone threw one piece of garbage on the floor, we’d be living in a dump”. We’re not too far off from that dump, guys.

As for the people I surround myself with on a daily basis, I’m starting to have second thoughts on who I allow into my life. Of course as we all grow up our friendships and relationships grow finer; like a pen, drawing a line on a sheet of paper, and slowly run out of ink. What I’ve come to realise is some of the people that I’ve allowed to stay in my life for so long, should have been said goodbye to a long time ago. I’ve seen things in ‘friends’ I never saw before, because they weren’t planning on showing me that side of them, or they thought I was too stupid to figure it out. And I do not feel bad about letting these ‘friends’ go, because I now know they were only holding me back in the first place. I may not have the best life, or a lot of money, or even a good reputation. But I always try to put others first when I care for them, go out of my way to do things others wouldn’t for them, and treat them with the up-most respect even if they don’t necessarily deserve it. But if at any point you show me how irresponsible you are, how selfish you are, or how much of a bigot you are, I will cut you off. I do not take kindly to people who use others to get what they want, because they’re too lazy to do what’s needed of them to get it themselves. I cannot stand selfish lying bitches who pretend they are one person when they clearly are two-faced, just to get everyone to like them and always ‘have someone on their side’. And I have always been a LGBT Ally as I do identify as Bi-Sexual, but most people don’t care to find out anything personal about me. At the same time, on a whole different level, there are people around me doing amazing things for our community. Taking their time to address the issues going on in Israel and Palestinian, becoming an advocate of peace and understanding that life does not need to be lived this way. Nor does anyone deserve to live in fear every moment of their life. I have friends who are expressing themselves through Music and Art, allowing others to have a good time but also reminding them to laugh at yourself every once and a while I mean damn, you only get one life. You are not a cat. Go live, dammit.

And then there’s me. I’m still without work but I’m trying to keep smiling and remain positive throughout my hunt. I’m spending more time listening to people and observing their actions before addressing them so as to either stir up a good conversation, or avoid an argument like a ninja. But mainly I’m just trying to find things that bring back the creativity in me. Bring back the sparkle in my eye, the ‘book I just cant put down’ so to speak. There’s music, and art, because I love to sing and paint, but I also want to help people, and in this time our society really needs more help in the Trans Health and Mental Health aspects. I just have no clue where to start..

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