Don’t Speak Unless You’re Spoken Too.


For years I have been ignored, pushed aside and made to feel unimportant. For years I’ve been living in the shadows of my peers, wishing to be like them, to be noticed. Hence I’ve dyed my hair, changed my clothing style, changed my personality, almost everything about me just to attempt to make some headway. But nothing has changed. I’m a very outspoken girl, yet noone listens. I have dreams and aspirations, yet they seem like dumb ideas to most. When you’ve been placed on the back burner too many times you start to believe that your dreams and goals don’t matter. You start to believe that noone cares about how you lead your life, how you act around others, because they’re not watching, listening or paying attention to you anyway, so what does it matter?

When I was a child I had dreams of becoming a Singer. I loved belting my heart out, singing so loud that nothing else could enter my cerebellum. I still do, but only when I’m alone. I’ve been forced to fear the judgment of others in regards to my talents because noone every gave them any thought when I was not afraid to show them off. Now, now I fear that everyone will laugh, point and get angry that some 25 year old is attempting to get their attention.

I love animals so much that I would to own a farm and turn it into a sanctuary for all kinds of animals to live and be happy and free until their last breath. I’m passionate about human rights and equal opportunities, but we all know that those two topics go terribly under-conversed because of the stigma that comes along with that conversation. Society has turned us all into mindless zombies that force us to remain in a shell and hide our passions and talents. Our opinions and creative genius. I refuse to remain silent.