Alice In Wonderland Inspired Tattoos

We’re All Mad Here

That classic quote by the Cheshire Cat reminding us that nobody is completely sane. We’re all some form of mad, one way or another. As life should be; if it weren’t for surprises and unfortunate circumstances, our lives would be boring, predictable and meaning-less. But when unforeseen things come up, we have to learn to cope, adapt, or overcome. And that’s what pushes us to work harder than before, challenge ourselves, and step up to the plate.

In respect to the amazing Literary works of Lewis Carroll and the Directorial skills of Walt Disney, Alice came alive for the first time in 1951. A few decades later, she was back on the big screen in 2010, remodelled in the styles of Tim Burton. Millions of Humans fell back in love with the amazing tale of Alice falling down the rabbit hole, yet not many knew of the sequel to Lewis Carroll’s original; Through The Looking Glass. Now that the sequel is upon us to grace it’s presence on the big screen, I feel it appropriate to delight you all with some body art inspired by the one, the only, Alice in Wonderland. And her crazy friends too.

Incredible Arm Piece


The Rabbit

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