Need A Website?

Ever since I used my first computer in 2001, I was intrigued on how to make things that could be showcased online for the world to see. And as much as I am aware that my opinion doesn’t matter to a great number of people, and the majority of those alive will never even see this page I am creating right now, it’s fine with me. Because I created it. I put the time in to make this post because I enjoyed it. I enjoy creating things for others to see, for others to read and create their own opinions on. I like creating things others can use and showcase their hard work for the world to see as well.

When high school ended and I had to think of a career path, I immediately went to computers and websites because it intrigued me so much. Even throughout high school I would create mock websites on free website builders like and I just couldn’t get enough, so I decided to put effort into learning how to create them for real and from scratch, instead of using templates and guidelines.

Now, the Technology World is advancing so quickly, things like WordPress and Drupal have been created and they are making website creation that much easier. In any case, I am available to create websites for those who may need my services. For the price of $400 billed yearly, I will create you anything you want. An e-commerce site for you to sell your creations, a blog site for you to vent, a website to showcase your company and services, whatever. Just contact me below and we can begin chatting right away.



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