Accessories By Alice – My New Adventure

I’ve decided to take on a new project; creating ‘Soleless Sandals’ in my spare time. It’s a little side adventure I’ve began dabbling in courtesy of my Sister Elizabeth. The idea came when she asked my Nana and I to create some of these Sandal things for her up-coming destination wedding in Jamaica. They’ve turned out to be pretty simple to create, and in creating these I get a few hours each day where I can truly focus on something and ignore the ugliness in the world around me. Plus, if in the future after I’ve finished a few different kinds I wonder if I’ll actually end up selling them to anyone or not. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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Keeping True To My Word

As you may know, I’ve made the choice to become a healthier me. For about a week now, I’ve been eating better, doing light exercise, and in return have been sleeping better, and waking up more refreshed. I’ve been sharing my progress, and just everyday things like what I’ve had for meals and what exercises I’ve done with friends and family online, just to kind of keep myself motivated and excited about doing this. Today, I received the biggest compliment from someone I haven’t spoken to since High school. She expressed to me how my posts have made her become more determined to reach her goals and that my inspiration has inspired her to work harder on herself. I was completely shocked by her comments because I never thought I could be that woman that inspired people to, well, do anything. And knowing that the expression of my determination to become healthier is inspiring others as well, makes me even more determined to reach my goals.
So here’s a little list of the exercises I’ve been doing, as well as some helpful hints for food substitutes I’ve taken into account.

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2016 Means New Beginnings


This new year, I’ve decided it’s time I start giving a shit about my health. Over these last few years, I’ve dealt with some health concerns and scares that made me seriously rethink the way I treat my body and my mind. Things need to change, and I’m the only one that can change them.

Beginning in January 2016, I will try my hardest to eat healthier. That means no more take out, no more junk food, no more soda pop and no more coffee. Yay. No, I’m not excited, because I know it will be a struggle for the first little while. But, I know it will be worth it.
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Better Late Than Never!

So I’ve taken a long time between posts and mainly it’s because I’ve been observing. Observing our nation divide itself over lies and propaganda being spread throughout the Electoral Campaigns. Observing people in my city ignore everything that’s outside their little ‘bubble’. Observing loved ones change and become people I never thought they could become; both positive and negative. And observing myself coming to the realisation that things don’t have to be this way.

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My Top 4 Video Games

So I -used to be- a very avid gamer; I mostly played RPG’s (Role Playing Games) like The Sims and FPS’s (First Person Shooters) like Call Of Duty. I spent a decent amount of time playing World of Warcraft and Diablo as well, and have dabbled in America’s Army and Counter Strike as well (ahh, the newbie days). However, just because I favor one or two genres of games doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate others. In any case, here are my Top 4 Video Games.

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My Top 3 TV Series

There are so many new and inspirational television shows coming out now compared to what I grew up with. I remember begging my parents to let me stay up until 8pm to watch The Simpson’s, and now we have hilarious and creative cartoon shows like Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Bob’s Burgers, plus a hell of a lot more that I just can’t think of right now. Plus there’s all the awesome live-action shows coming out in regards to the Superhero world like Marvel’s Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Flash, Supergirl, Marvel’s Agent Carter, Gotham and many more. With so many different things on television now a days its hard to pick a favourite, so I picked 3.

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